Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Metalpanel, back on the road again, a leader in new product development and innovations for enclosure systems, has developed the latest generation of panels with high fire resistant properties, ROCK WOOL panels. These panels are designed for continuous manufacturing. Two outer coated steel sheets around a rock wool core giving the panel high fire resistance properties. This process together with the components of the panel manufacturing also provides an acoustic benefit (ACUSTIC range). The panels can be manufactured to build acoustic barriers and absorption zones to accomplish noise reduction. In the latter case there is the possibility of manufacturing the panel with the micro-perforated steel plate to cause the sound absorption effect.

The rock wool panels provide a balance between thermal insulation properties and very strict reaction to fire properties.

We have developed panels which are resistant and simple to join. They ease assembly and ensure that the installation is tight. The roof and facade panels are manufactured with tongue and groove joints and concealed fasteners.

They are made with mineral wool. This has the resulting fire classification under the SBI test of AS1d0. Depending on the use and application, they can be manufactured from rock wool of various densities, between 100 kg/m3 and 140 kg/m3.

We have developed 3 different types of profiles oriented towards different applications:

Roof panel

Rock wool panel

Partition pannel

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