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Metalpanel has developed its own manufacturing technology of PIR foams, based on new polyols, without halogenated flame retardant additives, HCFC-free and average index value formulations, leading to a new generation of panels called Stop-Fire PIR. They are dimensionally stable, have optimal adhesion properties and are easily processable in our state of the art Hennecke press.

Our PIR molecule, unlike the linear chains of other polyurethanes, has a network structure that provides stability and reaction to fire properties, as has been proved by its success in passing the SBI (Single Burning Item) test, with a BS2d0 classification.

The index value has been dimensionally analysed in order to avoid the inferior mechanical properties of the PIR foam panels currently marketed, whose high index caused low adhesion.

The Stop-Fire PIR panel reaches Euroclass B for being a product with little combustibility. This means that there was no general flashover within the first 20 minutes of the test.

Subclass S2 defines a panel with an average smoke production.

And finally, the sub-classification d0 entails that there are no flaming droplets.

If we want to see it in a graph, according to the SBI test measurement parameters, the following can be observed:

The Stop-Fire PIR panel from Metalpanel reached a value of the FIGRA parameter of 22.63 (W/s) and THR 2.59 (MJ). That is, Euroclass B Excellent, as evidenced by its situation in the graph as indicated by the arrow.
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