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These panels for enclosures are designed to be installed both vertically and horizontally. All the facade panels have a usable width of 1000 mm. Although the normal metallic coatings used in this panel are two steel sheets, it can also be manufactured with aluminium on both sides if requested.

Its use is recommended equally for industrial buildings and office buildings as well as for residential buildings in ventilated facades.

The wide range of colours we have available in stock, allow highly customised facades to be developed combined with an installation of a specific nature.

It is manufactured in thicknesses of 35, 40, 50 and 60 mm. It is a panel with concealed fasteners, this means that all the fasteners are non-visible once they are installed, thereby achieving a clean, tight and highly aesthetic finish.

The facades are the most visible part of an industrial building, hence the offer of different types of finishes that highlight the character and image of the building.

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