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METALPANEL has developed various enclosure systems, designed to meet the demand of products for the construction of industrial buildings, agri-food facilities, office buildings and housing, etc. Each system meets to new functional and aesthetic needs as demanded by the market.

We have a product range that meets the end requirements of enclosure for all types of buildings.

The panels are all manufactured under CE marking and can be presented in different finishes, such as steel, aluminium, copper, Wood imitation and Corten steel, depending on the needs, requirements and finish wanted to be obtained.

Our panel manufacturing lines of polyurethane form the metal panel with two faces, and in a continuous manufacturing process, the insulation is injected as foam PUR and PIR, with an average density of 40 kg/m3.

The installed production capacity reaches daily manufacturing volumes of up to 18,000 m2/day. This capacity bestows a great versatility and agility upon the factory as far as delivery times are concerned, for any of construction panel types being offered.

Our construction panels range is divided into three basic areas: roof panels (with 2 and 3 ridges), facade panels and panels for agri-food facilities.
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