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WEATHERING façade panel

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Manufacturer: Metalpanel

Discover a new and different way to design your facilities. With the innovative WEATHERING DESIGN, you can advance in the design and placement possibilities offered by this panel, without sacrificing the high level of thermal insulation.
Oxidation that protects the panel:

Galvanize the coil with a supply of zinc on both sides, which entails an average nominal coating of 175-275 grs/m2. Zinc is above iron in the galvanic series of the metals. Therefore, when iron and zinc come into contact with a means of electrolyte conductivity, a corrosion cell is produced in which zinc is the anode and iron is the cathode. This means that the zinc is oxidized while the iron is protected.

In this way, the zinc coatings cathodically protect the iron and steel, thereby preventing constant corrosion. At the beginning, its appearance is shiny and it takes on a matt brownish appearance with the passing of time.


Life load for 2G-1000 cover panel (in kg/m2)
2 spans (3 supports)

Panel thickness (mm) Distance between supports (m)
1,50 2,00 2,50 3,00 3,50 4,00


158 104 82 55 --
40 244 182 138 123 97 --
50 306 228 183 155 121 75
60 -- 256 215 179 140 94


Thermal transmittance coefficients (K)

Panel thickness (mm) 2G-1000 panel
35 40 50 60
Kcal/h m2 ºC 0,51 0,45 0,35 0,30
W/m2 ºC 0,58 0,51 0,40 0,34

Packaging and weights in kg/ml

Panel thickness (mm) No of panels per package Weight of the panel in kg/ml
35 18 8,7
40 18 9,1
50 14 9,4
60 12 9,9

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