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Rock wool technology

The sandwich panels with rock wool core manufactured by Metalpanel have been designed from the extensive experience in the manufacture of sandwich panels that the company has acquired since its foundation in 1998.


Their manufacture uses the most modern continuous technology available for rock wool panels: lamella manufacture

Thanks to this new technology, it is possible to definitively overcome the traditional weak point of sandwich panels manufactured from rock wool block: their structural resistance. Indeed, the use of rock wool lamellas instead of block enables us to direct 100% of the rock wool fibres in a precise manner, thereby obtaining greater compression, flexion and traction resistance, which translates into greater mechanical resistance, lower weight, greater aesthetic quality and better tolerance of in situ handling.

Also, the incorporation of this new family of panels into the already extensive catalogue of manufactured products enables us to complete the range of panels with special fire protection characteristics. Now the ability to resist, as a passive protection element, a fire for periods of up to four hours, depending on the type and thickness of the rock wool panel used, is added to the traditional high performance of our PIR foam panels with Bs1d0 classification.

A panel for every need.

Our rock wool sandwich panels are manufactured in three different formats to meet all your needs: cover, façade and division panels. Each one is manufactured in four different thicknesses and provides, depending on the type and thickness of the panel, fire resistence from E130 up to EI-240 (*). Whatever the needs of your work, there is a METALPANEL rock wool panel that can respond to your needs.

                Cover panel                          Division panel                          Façade panel           

(*) The classification in the case of cover panels is REI, as corresponds to a supporting element (that must support a load).

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