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PUR and PIR Technology


Metalpanel has developed its own PIR foam manufacturing technology from new polyoles, without halogenated, flame retardant additives, exempt from HCFC and average value index formulations, making way for a new generation of panels called Stop-Fire PIR, easily processable at our state-of-the-art Hennecke  press, dimensionally stable and with optimal adherence properties.


Our PIR molecule, unlike the linearity of the chains of other polyurethanes, shows a network structure that gives it stability and the fire response properties, as attested by having successfully passed the SBI (Single Burning Item) test with the BS2do classification.

The value of the index has been sized with the purpose of avoiding the low mechanical properties of panels sold with pir form so far, whose high indices would cause low adherence.

The Stop-Fire PIR panel attains Euroclass B for being a low combustible product. In other words, it implies that the generalised inflammation according to the test is greater than 20 minutes.

The S2 sub-class defines a mean smoke contribution panel.
And finally, the sub-classification involves there being no fall of inflamed drops.
If, according to the measurement parameters of the SBI test, we want to see it in graph form, we can observe the following information.

The Metalpanel PIR Stop-Fire panel attained a Figra parameter value of 22.63 (W/s) and THR 2.59 (MJ). In other words: an Excellent Euroclass B, as its graph situation shows through the indicative arrow.


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