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Cover panel 2G-1000

Roof panel 2G-1000
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Manufacturer: Metalpanel

METALPANEL cover panels give the facilities a modern and very functional look. The soft roll forming perfectly combines great mechanical capacity and high resistance with a very smooth finish and very few ribs.

The panels have been designed with hidden screws. Their tongue-and-groove design with flashing placement give it a high degree of watertightness and durability of the joints.


The lightness of the panels enables comfortable handling and, in turn, allows for the construction of light structures for placement. Installation is quick and this provides the covers with high mechanical performance and, above all, a high degree of thermal insulation.

All METALPANEL panels are made up of two metal sheets (steel, aluminium, copper, etc.) comprising rigid polyurethane foam with a mean density of 40kg/m3, injected and adhered in a continuous manufacturing process.

The panels can have different finishes depending on their use and final location. The qualities of the coatings run from standard panels with polyester paint coating to finishes with coating that are highly resistent to corrosion, such as 200 micron plastisol, and the panel with a high degree of anti-corrosion METALPANEL ELITE HPS-200.

The two edges provide great load capacity and an aesthetic finish, in which the flatness of the panel stands out. The panels are 1000 mm thick and very easy to handle.
Available in the following thicknesses: 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm.
Maximum length manufactured 16000 mm.


Live load for 2G-1000 cover panel (in kg/m2)
2 spans (3 supports)

Panel thickness (mm) Distance between supports (m)
1,50 2,00 2,50 3,00 3,50 4,00


158 104 82 55 --
40 290 190 138 123 97 --
50 316 236 183 166 154 114
60 -- 260 228 188 146 94



Thermal transmittance coefficients (K)

Panel thickness (mm) Panel 2G-1000
30 40 50 60
Kcal/h m2 ºC 0,57 0,45 0,35 0,30
W/m2 ºC 0,68 0,51 0,40 0,34

Packaging and weight in kg/ml

Panel thickness (mm) No of panels per package Weight of the panel in kg/ml
30 14 9,4
40 12 9,8
50 10 10,2
60 8 10,7



Sales Spec English
Sales Spec English
Sales Spec English

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