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5G-1000 agropanel without flashing

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This is a panel explicitly developed for farming and livestock facilities. It is particularly recommended for use in areas with strong corrosion and aggressive environments. The inner coating of the panel is a plastic white opaque sheet prepared from fibreglass reinforced polyester resins.

Meanwhile, the outer side of the panel is a steel sheet that rigidizes the set. A rigid 40kg/m3 polyurethane body is injected between both sheets, providing a high degree of thermal insulation and gives the panel many mechanical benefits. Available in thicknesses of 30, 40 and 50 mm.

Option of panel with 5 rigidized curves and visible screws. This option is manufactured in 1000 mm width and provides maximum rigidity and a high degree of thermal insulation.

Live load for cover panel (in kg/m2)
2 spans (3 supports)

Panel thickness (mm) Distance between supports (m)
1,50 2,00 2,50 3,00 3,50


192 130 95 78
40 355 232 169 150 122
50 390 288 224 203 188

Thermal transmittance coefficients (K)

  Thickness (mm)
30 40 50
Kcal/h m2 ºC 0,57 0,45 0,35
W/m2 ºC 0,65 0,51 0,40

 Consult the catalogue for more information.

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